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The Gateway Library Team

Director of Library & Information Services

Elizabeth Hartlaub

Contact: Elizabeth Goodman, MLS
Location: Urban Metro Campus
Phone: 859.442.4162

Teams Chat

Library Coordinator

Contact: Erica Halsey

Location: Edgewood Campus 




Library Specialist and IC PT Lead






Contact: Priscilla Kapungu 

Location: Boone Campus

Phone: 859-442-1163



Information Commons Lead

Contact: Adam Thurman
Location: Urban Metro Campus

Adjunct Librarian (Online Only)

Contact: Pamela Vierheller
Location: Online
Contact: Christian Sheehy
Location: Online

Kenton County Public Library

Covington 859.962.4060
Erlanger    859.962.4000
William E. Durr   859.962.4030

Grant County Public Library
Phone: 859-824-2080

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